10 March 2014

Tricks of the Trade Blog Hop!

I'm so excited to be a part of this newest blog hop! If there is one thing I am short on, it is TIME. Between 3 elementary schools and a caseload of 90 kiddos Pre-K thru 5th grade, my days (and nights!) are usually booked pretty darn tight.
Well the good news is I'm not alone.....and neither are you! A whole slew of us are getting together to tell you which time savers help us stay a little more sane.

If you're new to the Blog Hop scene, here's how it works. You read through all 16 blog posts and collect a letter/word from each blog. Put them all together to create a phrase that you enter on Allison's Speech Peeps site (in the Rafflecopter box). You will then be entered to win one of three prizes:
-1 $50 TPT Gift Certificate
-1 of 2 $15 TPT Gift Certificates
You'll also hopefully come away with a whole lot of new, great idea.

I love my iPad, and so do my kiddos. What I don't love is keeping my data sheets,making sure little fingers aren't wandering outside of the app we're working with, making sure everyone is engaged, AND making good use of our short sessions together. Enter data tracking apps!

These apps are by NO means replacements for my trusty data packets each kiddo has in their own folder, but when I'm moving and working with my students in a therapy session, they are a forever life saver. These apps I use one of two way: raw data collecting and app-specific data collecting.
Raw Data Collection
These apps keep non-specific data tucked nice and safe inside the app for each individual you treat. Here are a few I like:
Super Duper Data Tracker
$1.99  iPhone, iPad

Therapy Report Center
Free, iPad only

Specific Data
 Many apps from speech therapy-related developers such as Smarty Ears, Super Duper, Inc., and PocketSLP have data collection directly inside their apps. This not only keeps data for me to go back later and review, but it also helps my students monitor themselves and see their own data and progress. These data reports can often times be e-mailed straight from your device, which is a real time saver when communicating with parents/principals/teachers. No forgotten reports left on the printer, not to mention saved paper.

Now that you've read through my thoughts, here is your letter for stopping by! Use the buttons below to go back to Lauren at Busy Bee Speech's blog (the first stop) or on to Speech Room News's post. Happy Hopping!

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  1. YAY! This is great for me since I haven't started using apps for data yet..can't wait to check them out!