26 February 2014

Gripcase iPad Case--Review & Giveaway!

I have been so stinking anxious to write this post.
Awhile back, I got to chatting with the great folks over at Gripcase. (They're super nice.) They told be about this really great sale they're running, and as a school SLP, I wanted to do whatever I could to be a part of it.
(photo courtesy of Gripcase.com)
For every Gripcase iPad case that you purchase, you get to choose a school to receive another iPad case. Fo' free. How awesome is that?! Spending my weeks in three high-poverty elementary schools I will be the first one to tell you that there is ZERO money in the budget for quality "extras" like iPad cases in the gen ed setting not to mention special ed.
I'm such a ninny about how safe my iPad stays I don't have to mention the anxiety I get when I see other teachers' devices get strewn about without much thought by kiddos. So you get a great case, your school gets a great case. I love it.

The other day, this green beauty arrived on my doorstep.
(Hello fingerprints! You can't tell me your device looks any better after a day of therapy.)
Gripcases are available for iPad 2 -4, (I use a 2) iPad Air, as well as iPad mini. They come in a pretty assortment of colors and the color of my case was quite true to what I saw on the site.
Here's why I love this:
-It's lightweight. Working between three schools the less bulk I carry the better! The case is a light foam material--not a lot of mass, but a whole lot of durable. It's also light enough for my kids to pass around group, or my students with low muscle tone to handle with ease.
Width of the entire case, with my finger (and awesome Jamberry nails!) as a reference.

-All around handles. No matter how kids grab at my device, they've always got a handle to hold. It also is nice for whatever orientation my device screen happens to be in.
-Durability. This case is tough! The foam material wipes off easily and bite marks (don't ask) disappear in a matter of minutes. You didn't know this had once been bit, did you? :)
-Convenience. A nice little slot for volume and mute is still on the side but not easily flipped on accident or by curious hands. I can also charge it while it's still in the case, which is a huge bonus.

When placed on a table face down, my screen never touches the surface thanks to the handles and a raised area right around the edge of the device screen. The same goes for the back--the actual device back is exposed, but doesn't come into contact with hard surfaces when it's laid down. The only real drawback to this case is that while my screen is safe laying down, it is still exposed when I place it in my work bag, which makes me nervous.
All in all, I love it. Light, convenient, stays in one place, and durable as all get out.

Gripcase is giving one of YOU the chance to win one of these gems! Simply use the widget below to enter. But hurry, you only have a week! Good luck!
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A Gripcase was provided for completion of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Cool case! Right now, I just have a wimpy stupid cover for my ipad 1 (an old dinosaur!). My school district is going to give us new ipads, and I'll definitely want a case for that once I get my hands on it. Thanks for the review :-)


  2. i have a grip case on one of our ipads at school and i love love love it. I teach early childhood special education so it has protected it from everything and the grandkids for two years. i now have two more ipads in my room that i am afraid to use the present covers/cases the district has provided . i need another gripcase. thanks for the giveaway

  3. I also currently have a wimpy case for my iPad 1! This GripCase looks awesome!

  4. I have an apple ipad cover. I like it, but it certainly isn't as indestructible as the gripcase appears to be!

  5. I am currently using a iPad case I got on the clearance rack at target!

  6. Right now my iPad is in a neon yellow griffin survivor case, which bounces when dropped (don't want to tell you how I know). I have been looking for a case that is a little lighter to carry around.

  7. I have a pretty cheap case from Target that is not very (if at all) protective. It does flip open to create a stand, so the face of it is covered when I put it away.

  8. I currently have a cheap case that is falling apart and offers little protection!

  9. I just have a very thin cover that offers little to no protection. If one of my students dropped it, it would be all over.

  10. i dont have anything on my ipad right now

  11. An Otterbox! But I'm getting a new iPad from the district and have to give back the old one and it's case...so I need something new :)

  12. I use a basic iPad case and my iPad always falls out. Scares the living daylights out of me, I always am warning my students to be careful. Would love to have a Gripcase. Thanks for the giveaway!