05 August 2013

SLP August Link up

I don't know why I don't do more link-ups. I really think they're quite fun. I think they are even MORE fun when I get good information out of them, or they contain a cute graphic :) Both are the case with All Y'all Need's August link-up!

"Buying": I'm taking a pretty big plunge this school year-I'm on the quest for cropped colored pants! I have boring "clinic pants" but now that I'm dressing up every day of the week, it's time to spruce up my closet a little bit! I've always thought colored pants were really cute, and with long legs (I'm 6'2!) I've never been confident I could pull them off. Something switched in me this summer and now I'm obsessed. Maybe a little late in the game, but obsessed anyway!

"Trying": I worked full time this summer (hence my huge dip in blogging!) at my hospital placement, and school starts for me Aug. 19. That being said, my summer break is about...3 weeks long. While I'm still transitioning into lack of structure mode, I'm doing my best to sneak in mini vacations,  and "stay-cations" visiting friends & family I missed out on over the summer. My circle of friends has had a huge baby & wedding boom this summer-so much going on, so little time to experience it all!

"Speeching": As you may know I have a "Quest for Organization" series going on on my blog, but I'm also trying to get my home office organized-as well as all of my materials in general geared up and sorted for the school year. I've always had all my materials at my house, so now I'm at a crossroad of what to take to school and what to leave behind. I know I can always change anything I want, pretty easily, but it's still some tough choices!

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  1. 6'2! Wow, you are tall! My assistant principal is really tall and she wears cropped pants and cute flats all the time and always looks so cute! I need to do some back to school shopping myself! Maybe next week! Looking forward to more of your organization posts! :)

  2. Rachel, thanks for linking up! I would love to have some of your height - I'm a full foot shorter. Enjoy your summer break - it's the quality, not the quantity! And I'm looking forward to more organization posts as well as how your year will go.

    All Y'all Need 

  3. I believe everyone can pull off colored pants! I have a pair of emerald green capris, but would love a pair of fuchsia ones! Enjoy your break :)

    Schoolhouse Talk!