21 March 2013

Spring & Easter Points:Open-ended reniforcers!

The more I learn in my school practicum, it is that children will do almost anything for a point. Most of the time, they don't even have to cash them in for anything-the joy of adding them up at the end is all they need! I grabbed these great Star Wars-themed point cards from Crazy Speech World, and I honestly use them almost every day. They make those mixed groups so much easier to deal with. My only problem is 1) my girls (regardless of the Princess Leia card) aren't too crazy about them, and 2) they're the only ones I own.
Enter Spring and Easter Points!
Not all of my caseload celebrates Easter, so this packet is split into 2 parts: spring AND Easter.
All point cards are numbered 0-5, and you get 11 of each background. There are 4 Spring-themed cards and 4 Easter-themed cards.

8 foil cards round out this open-ended deck for a total of 104 cards.

 There are also 2 gameboards in this packet (you guessed it, 1 Spring, 1 Easter), because I always need those for my "I'm so behind! Want to play a game?" kinds of days. (It's ok...they happen.)

 Most of the time I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone what someone's score was when I saw them last week. I added a point tracking sheet for my kiddos to keep in their folder so THEY can remember where they were when we met last. They also seem to really like tracking their own points.
You can download this packet from my TPT store here. Be sure to leave feedback if you download-I'd love to know what you think!

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