02 September 2012

I pinned it, I did it: Behavior Chart

It's a boy...and twin girls! Our semester clinic assignments are out, and I will have a boy in individual therapy, and twin girls in group therapy (something new our clinic is trying this semester). Both my boy and girls have artic. and language goals, so be on the lookout for all kinds of new materials as soon as I survive diagnostics soon!

I saw this pin/blog post at [simply speech], and having been on the lookout for a new behavior system for the semester (the old stop light just wan't cutting it for me anymore), I knew that this was it!  Here's the original:

A big thankyou goes to Mrs. Ricca's blog for the free printables!
So here's what I started with:
  • printables, laminated for durability
  • my faithful hot glue gun
  • a spool of brown polka dot ribbon
  • scissors
  • magnet strip
  • wood planks from hobby lobby
At first, I was going to cover the wood pieces in ribbon, then attach the printables for durability. Once I laid it out though, I just wasn't feeling it. I was just too big. So I opted for a ribbon "binding".
After they all were hot glued to the ribbon, I added a little topper.

 Two pieces of ribbon were cut and laid behind the top printable so they crossed at the top. I tied a bow with another piece and hot glued it where the scissors are pointing (where the ribbons intersected) [bottom right picture]

Because I don't have my designated room in our clinic, and because I do a lot of transporting of materials from home to school, I couldn't mount this and leave it. So, I decided to hot glue (I really like to hot glue things, can you tell?!) magnets to the back of the ribbon, bow, and printables so it can hang on our marker board that we have in each treatment room.
Voila! This was easy, cost efficient, and cute. Any my very favorite part is that, since I have to "grab and go" so much in my setting, it travels nicely!
Here's my finished product:
I have some small circle magnets that have come with marker boards and calendars that I have saved that I'll use as "markers". Since I will only have 2 clients at the most at a time, I think simple objects will be fine to use. If they don't seem to suffice, I'll move to my go-to clothespins.
Pros of this pin: easy to find and FREE printables, quick project, cost-effective, CUTE!
Cons:....none! I can't wait to introduce this to my clients for the semester!

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  1. Very nice! I wish Pinterest had been around when I was in grad school.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!